Eclipse of Bust

I woke up and checked Accuweather on my phone only to discover that the eclipse would be eclipsed by the weather. "Mike, it says here that the cloud cover will be 77%. when the eclipse is supposed to happen." We were going to go Harvest Moon for an eclipse viewing party. Harvest Moon being the bonafide operating Drive-in … Continue reading Eclipse of Bust


Pre-Eclipse Events

With much excitement and great anticipation, we packed up our camper to head down to the Carbondale, IL area to view the total eclipse of the sun. We planned and plotted. We found a nice little campground in the Shawnee National Forest called Turkey Bayou. It is staffed by volunteers and free. There are no … Continue reading Pre-Eclipse Events

The Last Day, more or less, Of My Catalyst for Change

Once I arrived at the cath lab, Mr. Hawaiian had me scooch from my bed/gurney to the cath table. Before I knew what was happening, he pulled my hospital gown up and examined the area. “They did a good job shaving you at Allen,” he said. “Well, they shaved me again here, just to be … Continue reading The Last Day, more or less, Of My Catalyst for Change

The Catalyst epic continues part 5

So, backtracking a tad, now that I knew what was going to happen, that things were moving along and the light was shining brighter at the end of the tunnel, Mike and I enjoyed a nice lunch together. After we finished eating, we just sort of hung out together. It was the first time we … Continue reading The Catalyst epic continues part 5

Part four of the epic catalyst for change

The bumpy, ride over to Dallas in the ambulance was uneventful but odd. It was odd being strapped and bundled up on a gurney in the back of an ambulance facing the door.  One EMT, the woman, rode in back with me but I couldn't see her, after all I was facing the door. "Do … Continue reading Part four of the epic catalyst for change