On becoming a crone

I am about to turn 61.  I believe I have turned the corner into menopause because my hot flashes have pretty much abated.  They went on and on for ten long scorching years.  I was fifty when they first started to really get my attention.  I could have had warm flushes before but I let those go unnoticed.  Well, anyway, I have only this symptom of hot flashes to gauge whether I am truly menopausal, aside from getting blood levels drawn of my hormones, because I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 47.

However, officially once a woman enters menopause this is considered the absolute end of the reproductive years.  When I started the hot flashes at age 50, I feared getting older and started taking a look at what being an older woman in our society means.  I have to tell you I started to feel a dismal future looming on the horizon.  It seems “life” is geared to the young and now I am no longer part of life.  At least this is how I felt.  I felt I was invisible to others around me.  No one notices an older woman.

However I must say that I do not look like a sixty-year-old senior.  I feel young on the inside and I am in pretty good health but I am aware that I have been around for six decades.  I figure that my time left here on earth is shorter and now I understand what is meant by life is short.  I have to tell you before this I didn’t get it.  Life stretched out in front of me and I had oodles of time.

With all of the new information and research in how to extend one’s longevity maybe I have more years than I realize if I eat right, get exercise, watch my weight, deal with stress, have meaningful relationships.  Whew that’s a lot to consider and I have to tell you all this I take seriously and do what I can.  I want to live and be vibrantly alive.

Which brings me to why I chose to identify myself with the crone.   Wikipedia defines a crone as malicious or even sinister.  That’s not what I chose to believe.  I chose to see the crone as a wise woman elder who passes on her insights either by sharing knowledge or just by listening and understanding.

I found an amazing poem about the crone on Spiral Goddess web page http://www.spiralgoddess.com/CroneWisdom.html.  I hope you find it as inspirational as I did.

I have finally decided the thing to do is to mark the transition with a ritual that Susun S. Weed describes in her book I mentioned in my first blog because making the transition is not easy.  Part of me is still clinging to wishing/wanting/desiring to have my youth back.  BTW Susun Weed has a great web site devoted to Wise Woman tradition and Natural Health.  http://www.susunweed.com/


5 thoughts on “On becoming a crone

  1. Thank you for your wise words. Often we flounder with transitions because our society fails to honor them with ritual. My fiance and I were discussing this very thing just yesterday. In the absence of culturaly integrated myth-play and tradition, we’re left to find meaning largely on our own. Your gift is the embracing of yours…Blessings on your path…


  2. I too am feeling the loss of my youth and wondering, what now? Each decade my physical stamina has waned a little. I have unrealized dreams and wonder whether I have what it takes anymore to make them a reality. Like you, I am not giving up. The pace is quick in some ways and excruciatingly slow in others. I have to find what matters to me now and let go of what mattered in my youth. It is a big transition and perhaps understanding that will help me accept and move through it more easily. Thanks for writing about it.


    1. I am glad you shared your thoughts on your journey. Making a transition from one part of my life to this next part is a big transition as you said. That’s where doing a ceremony of some sort comes in. I am hoping it will help with the transition.


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