State fair and food

Because I am a member of Weight Watchers and count up all the points plus assigned to food so I can keep track, I look at what I eat differently than before I joined Weight Watchers.  It is a challenge when I am someplace like the state fair and I don’t have all my books with me with the values all neatly displayed and I don’t have one of those droid phones that keep me connected to the pulse of life and I can download all the latest and greatest apps like WW etools where I can instantly look up the points plus values of food.  But I have been with WW for six months now and I have the points values of most of my usual suspects and it has become a habit to mentally tally the points plus in my head when I am about eat something.

Take for instance the baked potatoes in the Wisconsin products building, which is a must.  They serve a great potato with all the trimmings.  The line usually circles the globe twice but we got there early and there were only about three or four people in line.  “Mike, we better get a potato now while the gettins good,” I said.  Immediately we charged up to the booth to buy the potato ticket.  This was my first food at the fair and I knew if I planned it right this would be a good choice.   A baked potato is four points.  However, Mike added butter, cheese and bacon.   This ups the anti.  Butter, one tablespoon is 4 points, Bacon, one tablespoon, 1 point, cheese sauce one tablespoon 1 point.  Now you have 10 points.  I ate about one third, which means I am eating 3 points.  Not bad for starters but then came the éclair.  Mike and I made an agreement to share all the food so I wouldn’t be eating so much.  Sort of like, I can have my food and eat it too.

I wait all year for a state fair chocolate éclair.  Some people like cream puffs, for me its éclairs, which is just so happens, is in the Wisconsin products pavilion.  We found the guy I normally get my éclairs from the name of which escapes me now.  This is one thing we don’t share, actually two things, éclairs and cheese curds.  Cheese curds are Mike’s thing.  So, I ate the whole éclair and was clueless as to the points.  The nearest I could come up with was, astronomical.  It was when I got home that I found out I ate 11 points with one éclair.  I was close though; it was more like through the roof.  It was after I ate the whole éclair that we walked the million-mile convention center walk that you did hear tell about in my first blog on the state fair.  I figured I walked off my éclair and potato when we were done and that was when we started eating in earnest

The list of what we ate is as follows:

  • Grilled chicken with waffle fries/ dark meat, 9 points
  • Brat with sauerkraut from Sheboygan Brat Haus, 4 points
  • Cheeseburger,  5 points
  • Haystack onion rings, 6 points
  • Pork on a stick, 4 points
  • Lemonade, half the sugar, 3 points
  • Tastes of candy samples in the expo building, 3

The points plus values are adjusted for the amount I ate.  So that would be give or take a point or two.  All things considered when factoring in my wine, éclair and potato my total point intake at the fair was 54 points.  My daily value is 29 with 49 weekly bonus points.  I did save up my weekly points for the fair.  The bottom line is it wasn’t too bad.  I had a great time and all the points were worth it.  When I woke up the next day I was a pound and half heavier.  I can get back on track and will be fine.  See the whole point of weight watchers is that you can eat what you want.  You are not supposed to deprive yourself.  That is why dieting doesn’t work.  I made a conscious decision to enjoy the fair while still keeping in mind what I ate.  Am I disappoint that I gain a bit.  Sure, but I am not going to let it get me down, I would be more upset if I couldn’t enjoy myself at the fair.  It has been a couple of days since the fair and I am back on track and still hope to make my goal weight at the next weigh in this week.  That is the good news.


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