State Fair con’t Part II

Before I get to the food we ate at the state fair I wanted to tell you about two more must sees at state fair for Mike and I.  Actually, it’s for me, I don’t know whether Mike cares or he is just going all with me.

The Animals.  I must see the animals.  This year I only saw the cows, horses and goats.  I missed the chicken, pigs, sheep and rabbits.  We were walking through the cattle barn looking at all the cows.

“Look how shiny they are,” I said  Their coat just glistened, especially the black spots.

“See that one over there is getting pampered,”  Mike said.  I looked at the cow he was referring to and someone was using a blow dryer to get the hair along its spine to stand up.

“Why are they all so skinny?”  I couldn’t get my mind off how thin the cows were.  I wondered if they were malnourished.  Mike shook his head as we looked at the cows with concern.  Up ahead we saw this young girl standing in front of a cow.  Her blonde hair hung straight down her back, her complexion was refreshingly young.  She had the sparkle of youth.  She was probably sweet sixteen and beautiful.  We walked over to her and I said, “Do you have a cow entered in the fair.”

“Yes, I do,” she answered smiling, sweetly, of course.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” she said turning slightly towards us ready to give us her full attention.  She was a nice kid.

“Why are all the cows so skinny.  You can see the bones in their hips.  They really stick out.  And look at their ribs.”

“That’s what the judges want,” she said.  I looked at her incredulous.  “They want their bones showing and a nice round belly that hangs low.”

“That’s odd.  You would think they would want fat cows.”

“Not dairy cows.  This is the way they want dairy cows.”  I thought it was interesting that her answers revolved around what the judges liked not what is good for a cow but then I thought about what she said for a while when a light bulb lit the inside of my brain.

“Oh, dairy cows,” I said nodding.  “These are dairy cows.  So then, do dairy cows produce better milk when they are like this?”

“Yes,” she said as if that was implied.  But then it might be to a farmer girl.

“Do you live on a farm?”  I asked.

“Yes, all my life,” she said.  “We live in Brillion, WI.”

We thanked her for her time and praised her cow even though they all looked alike to us and we wished her luck during the judging.  Mike and I walked away feeling like its cool to learn something new, even at the age of 60.  Although I am still not sure whether this is good for the cows.

Another stop of mine is the wine tasting.  There is a dedicated building just for wine tasting.  One year I even bought the T-shirt.  No kidding.  When we walked into the nice, refreshing, cool air-conditioned building and said, Ahhhhh, I noticed there weren’t as many wineries participating.  That didn’t stop me from buying six tickets.  All the wines I tasted were semi-sweet except for one dry.  I tend to gravitate toward semi-sweet.  I allowed Mike to have one of my tickets and he tried a sweet.  You get a real wine glass to taste with but the pourers only pour in one ounce.  Basically, when you’re done, you have had a glass of wine.

Frozen Tundra was the one I chose as my favorite that year.  On our way out they had cases of the wines lined up along the wall.  Frozen Tundra was almost $16 a bottle so a case would have cost a million and a half.  I think it would take the rest of my life to finish a case so we left empty-handed.

Anyway, a 5 oz glass of wine is five weight watchers points plus.  That is a hefty price to pay for me.  I would rather eat an éclair, which is eleven points.  Well, I guess that is a good segue into the food.  Which I will put in a separate post because otherwise this blog would be exceedingly long.


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