And so it begins…

I chose to do a big deal ceremony, inner journey type thing to help me accept and embrace my aging.  The Place: Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin due to the magical, majestic and timeless driftless area.  The time: September 9 – 13 because the full moon would be on the 12th.  The participants: Mike, Angie, our dog, and my friend Sue.

I hatched this brainchild earlier in the year and recruited Sue after a discussion where she said she wanted to get clarity on where to go with her life.  Before that discussion, my idea was just an embryo. Now that Sue was coming along, it seemed to gain momentum.  Honestly, there were times when I wanted to back out, forget the whole thing, but now I was locked in.  Which as it turns out was a good thing.

I mentioned the book Quest to Sue and how I was using it as a sort of blue print.  Denise Linn, the author, believes questing is like journeying to the center of the soul to find answers to life’s questions and for spiritual wisdom.  She says it is also a way to reclaim a sense of wonder and connection to the earth.  Sue wasted no time and got a copy of the book.  We went over it together for our preparation.

To start the quest off, we all stayed at base camp Friday night.  Saturday, Sue and I trekked on over to our backpack sites which were about three miles by car and almost 5 by the trails.  Mike stayed at base camp in case any emergency arrived.  None did.

I realized on Friday as we were all sitting around the campfire, that Mike was actually on a quest of his own.  I mentioned that to him and suggested that he pay attention to any feelings and what was going on around him.  He accepted the suggestion, maybe a little reluctantly but he was open.  When Sue, left at the end of the journey, we sat on a picnic table and told each other our “sacred stories”, our most meaningful highlights.  Mike did share something pretty amazing.  He may have been reluctant but what he shared was profound.

For Sue and I, the plan was to stay by ourselves for three days and finish with staying awake all night to hear what the universe, God, the Angels, spirit guides or our own higher self have to tell us.  Mike was going to carry on as usual, just be by himself.  Which meant he was going to eat (one of his favorite pass times), fish, hike and play horseshoes.  Anyway, what came out of my experience was remarkable.  I may jump around with my experience in this blog.  There is so much to say about the trip, so much I want to tell you, which I hope will be useful, maybe even inspirational for you. What I want to start with is an event that happened while I was up all night on Monday the 12th.  So stay tuned while I go to a commercial break…  (Just kidding, there is no advertising on this site, the rest is just going to be in another post. 🙂


4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Hi Janice,
    What a beautiful experience; I honor your need to connect with something higher and appreciate you sharing your experiences. And, yes, please do share more about what happened and what you all experienced. I love these stories.
    Pam B


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