Chapter 2, Luna

The moon between the trees.

I waited all night for that owl to appear as I laid on my sleeping bag watching the moon peek between the trees.  It inched up the sky, a bright sphere creating dappling all around me.  I listened to the crickets and an occasional owl hoot in the distance.

All of a sudden, I felt something brush past my face.  I bolted up right grabbing my flashlight.  I searched the area around my sleeping bag.  Nothing.  I shinned the light over to the southwest of my circle.  A number of daddy long leg spiders scurried about. I jumped with an intake of breath.  Despite daddy-long-legs bringing the message of new understanding, creativity, and ideas especially with regard to relationships, I quickly shooed them out of my circle.  Messages were the furthest thing from my mind.  Frantically, I inspected my circle closer and saw, of all things, many millipedes moving slowly towards me. I was creeped out.  It didn’t matter to me that they could be carrying the message of increased stability or that due to my age I could have successful movement in any activities I set out to do.  No, this did not matter.  What mattered was they were there and might craw on me.  Agh.  Quivering, I brushed them out of the circle.

I am freaked by these insects.  I said out loud, “I can’t have these here.  Keep this insects away.”  I shivered.  Fretfully, I looked around me and asked God and any and all help from anywhere, I was that desperate, for help in keeping these bugs out of my circle.  I read where some people were able to keep bugs away while in their circles during visions quests, why can’t these bugs stay our of mine.

I hear a small voice of knowledge remind me that they are to be honored just as much as the owl.  They play an important part on our planet.  “I know,” I answered as if I were speaking to someone sitting there with me.  “I just want them to stay away.  I don’t want to harm them.”

I prayed and prayed about this incessantly scanning my circle for millipedes brushing one away from time to time.  At last, I sensed that I needed to trust that the millipedes would not harm me.  They would not over run me.  I couldn’t keep on like this all night, just sitting there searching for millipedes.  I needed to let that fear go.  I did notice when I scanned my site for millipedes, that there were no more spiders coming into the circle.  This could be in answer to my prayers.  I was grateful for that at least and I focused on that fact.  However, I have to admit that I didn’t entirely let go of the millipedes.  I just checked less often instead of constantly.  At last, I managed to lay back down and relaxed into watching the moon.

As the night wore on, I was increasingly disappointed because there was no owl.  I said to myself that if an owl didn’t come by the time the moon reached its highest point, I suspect it wasn’t going to.

Slowly the moon reached what I called mid-moon.   It was right between the trees where I saw the owl fly.  The space seemed smaller from this angle.  The moon just fit in it.   I watched as the moon every so slowly made is way through that space.

Just as it was edging it’s way out, I thought, it really isn’t the moon that’s moving.  Actually it’s the earth.  The moon is staying put.  This is common knowledge yet knowledge that I don’t really think about.  And knowledge that our language contradicts.  How many times have I referred to the moon coming up or the sun going down, I wonder.  Or think to myself the sun is following me when I am driving in a car.  Now laying here, I am keenly aware of it being the earth that’s moving.   I actually felt the earth shifting slightly to the left while the moon appeared to be moving to the right.  I pictured myself from up in space hunkered down in this patch of revolving earth.  I felt my place on the earth.  This is the revelation that had the owl showed up as I wanted, would have been lost on me.  The revelation that I am here and have a place on this earth just like the daddy-long-legs, millipedes and even the magnificent owl.  But, before I came to this realization I felt deserted and abandoned because I waited all that time without a “vision”.  No owl, no nothing.  Or so I thought.  It wasn’t till dawn that I figured it all out and was grateful.


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