Hello, God? It’s Me, Pam, a Guest post by Pam Bickell

Note:  Pam Bickell from Notes Along the Path is an established blogger.  I respect what she has to say.   Sometimes I feel like she voices what I feel.  When she posted this I thought this very thing and so I decided to make her my very first guest blogger.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did.

My life journey has been about looking deeper and wider and higher for a relationship with our Creator. I’ve asked a lot of questions along the way:

Who are You? Who am I? Are You Love or Judge, or both? Are You male or female or the Light in the world? Are You whomever we each need, or are You the white-haired, white-bearded man in the sky? Are you a Mother Goddess or the God-man born in a manger? Are words necessary in our relationship, or is it the feelings between Your heart and our hearts that count? How do I know what is true, by which I mean the bottom-line, no-other-place-to-go, beginning? Don’t we each believe we know the bottom-line of who You are? Is warring over our convictions what You want us to do? Do You become discouraged by what we humans do to each other?

Are heaven and hell here on Earth—with us reaping the results of what we have thought and done? Or, after our physical bodies die, are we sorted and filed to one place or the other? Is the assignment for eternity, or do we experience a time for reflection and then rebirth to try again to be Loving human beings? Is Earth the only habitable planet in the universe? We’re not alone–right?–with millions of other planets out there. We are individuals but not solely because we’re all connected to You and through You with all of life, right?

Why are You so different in the New Testament from the Old Testament? Do you want us to believe You punish your bad children with floods and volcanoes and plagues, or that you are a loving Father who teaches us how to walk the walk? Why do most religions say you are a Heavenly Father with no heavenly mother? Is this why so many men around the world dominate their wives and children using fear and abuse? Are woman equal creations in Your eyes and if not, why?

You advise us not to ‘store up riches,’ but for those who do desire money and lots of stuff, is it better to ruin other people’s lives to gain treasures, than to steal and kill to get them? Do you grade us, something like schools do, A-F? Do you like the A-students better than the F-students? Is it correct that we can’t do anything on our own, draw even a breath without You? Or find our soul mates, or be a good person without You? Are planets living beings? Is Mother Earth our mother? What do You think of all our gouging, cutting, flattening, garbage-piling and using the Earth up?

Is it possible for every person on Earth to be forgiven their karma, healed by Your Love, and we all move on together to higher ways of living? May we pray for this? If not, why not? Are there any of us who haven’t already lived multiple lives, failing miserably in most of them? Why can’t we dump the eye-for-an-eye ways that have grown so old and repetitive and begin again in Loving relationships with You and all of life?

Just wondering, Father/Mother/Universe/Love/Great Mystery. Just searching for answers to life’s most important questions.


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