With a little help from my friends

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A supportive friend

As I mentioned in my last post I will be changing my blog.  Right now I am using WordPress.  I will still use WordPress just the full version.  It won’t happen for another couple of weeks yet but you will know when because things will look a bit different.  But not too different.  Just a new and upgraded kind of different.  The reason I am mentioning it now is to let you know that to get to the new blog you don’t need to do a thing because my domain, jazzmineycronechronicles.com will be the same.

When I first started my blog I bought the domain jazzmineycronechronicles.com.  My reason was in case the blogging thing worked I would move over to a full version of WordPress.  So then the logical assumption would follow that blogging is working for me, that I am successful in my blogging efforts.  So now I’m wondering do I really think I am successful?  It’s not like I’m a blogging sensation or anything.  I guess it all boils down to how do I measure success.

I thought for me to be successful would be for me to post at least once a week.  But in addition, I hoped some people would like what I wrote, maybe they thought it was interesting, or it was a bit amusing, maybe someone thought about something differently because of what I had to say or maybe, just maybe, someone was inspired or even felt a bit understood when I wrote about a difficult time or feelings.

Those things would be hard to measure.  Not everyone feels moved to post a comment.  However, some of you did post a comment.  And every time I received a comment I was giddy with joy.  A person or two even clicked the like button, which is just as cool.  I then can assume that for all those who posted a comment or clicked the like button there are some who liked what I wrote without responding because WordPress has a little app that lets me see how many views my site gets and it is more than those who responded.

Based on comments, likes and views I feel like I have been successful.  Granted my blog didn’t go viral.  I mean I’m not famous or anything.   It is small.  However on WordPress’s support page titled Get Famous: boost your readership it says,

With hard work and time, your traffic will increase. (And even if it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean you’re not an awesome blogger — as long as you’re enjoying your blog, you’re successful.)

I must admit that is true for me.  I am enjoying it.  I hate to admit it because I sort of felt deep down there that I should not really enjoy myself unless I get approval from some outside source.  That somehow, somewhere along the line I decided that enjoying myself was bad, very bad.  If someone said to me, hey, it’s ok to do that, or that’s a good idea then it was acceptable.

After I would finish writing a post, sometimes I amused myself; sometimes I came to an understanding with myself, all of the time I expressed myself using my unique voice.  From all the learning and lessons in my life up to now I understood that everyone on this planet is a unique individual with his or her own distinctive talents and abilities and that following ones heart makes use of those talents.  In fact I just recently read a quote from Nelson Mandela in Stretching Lessons: The Daring That Starts from Within by Sue Bender “The world will not fall apart if we let ourselves express our vastness.  It is more likely the world will stop falling apart when we do.”

So, I am doing just that, following my heart, expressing myself from my heart, enjoying the process and believing that my doing so will help “the world” from falling apart.

So at this time I would like to thank all those who visited my blog, commenter’s and lurker’s alike. You fill my heart with joy.  I would also like to take this time to wish you all a joyous holiday season.


4 thoughts on “With a little help from my friends

  1. Very best holiday wishes to you, too, Janice, and your family. And you are so right about the blogging–there is something magical about writing from the heart, and with others who are doing the same. It’s like we’re leaving our heartprints on the Internet, remembering our experiences and what we learned from them. Congraulations on sticking with it; your journey is interesting and your reflections insightful.


  2. I am one of your more avid loyal lurkers. Keep up with your courageous writing. We are sisters! I’ll tell you what — you inspire me and I’ll inspire you. Deal?

    I believe the greatest success of your blog is that you now are pleased by what you write, regardless of how many likes and comments you garner. What freedom.


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