Persevering learning something new

So, welcome to my new place.  I’m still unpacking and it took a while to get here.  Complications.  My oldest son was helping me with the move.  First he was sick, then I was sick.  Finally, last night we got on the phone and he walked me through moving my domain to my new host site.  I think that’s what I did.  I’m still in a daze.  He would tell me to go here and do this and that and my little brain was figuring out how to do what he was saying and then he would then tell me to do other stuff.  I felt like a robot whose brain started short circuiting and smoking.  Or maybe it was more like this.  OK, picture this.

A blindfold is unceremoniously shoved over my eyes.  I am thrust out somewhere I haven’t a clue.  I stumble with my arms out wondering if I am walking into a deep drop off, into an abyss.  Then I hear, “Hurry, Hurry!”

I try to move faster, heart pounding.  I fall and then get up turning in circles arms outstretched breathing fast.  “Where am I?” I say to, I hope; someone.  “What’s going on?” I ask frustrated now.

I want to kick at something but I could break my foot or leg because I don’t know what’s out there.  “Arrrrrgh,” I breathe out between clinched teeth.

Then I hear “Mom, this way.”  I turn in the direction of my son’s voice but I don’t know from which direction it’s coming.

“Where are you?” I shout and lunge in what ever direction hoping it is the right one.  I fall on my butt and sit head spinning on the verge of crying myself into a pool of jelly.  Suddenly, my blind fold is ripped off.  I look up into the brown eyes of my son.  He is smiling and holding something for me to look at.  “Mom, look at this.”  I focus on what he is showing me.  “Do you see?” he asks.  “Yes” I exclaim.  “Yes, I see.”   I smile up at him beaming.  How’d he do that I wonder, How’d he get my brain to focus and understand.  I stand up and give him a huge  bear hug.

Yes, that is what it felt like when my son found this complication with the move and I didn’t know what was going on till finally at last it became clear.  He told me the issue he discovered I would have to take up with my host providers help desk but I didn’t even know what questions to ask.  How could I ask for help if I didn’t know what questions to ask.  My son was extremely patient and kept on explaining what he found even when I got a bit shall I say miffed. At last, I finally understood.  I realized what question to ask the help desk.  Which I did.  The bottom line is I have some work ahead of me but for now everything looks ok.  But, and here is the key, learning something new can be frustrating but hanging in there and persevering can pay off.  And when all is said and done it is pretty darn satisfying.


8 thoughts on “Persevering learning something new

  1. Hi Janice,
    It was a big change to make and a lot of trouble, but you did it and it looks great! I have re-subscribed–I’m sorry the subscribers didn’t follow–that sucks. I hope you can find most of them by going to their blogs. Hope everything is uphill from this point on!


    1. Hey Pam, Nice to see you. Thanks for re-following. I still have more to do. I am hoping it is worth it. Right now with this subscriber thing I am kind of bummed. Ah, but let me see, oh yes, this to shall pass. hee hee Thanks again Pam


  2. Boy have I been where you are! You describe it perfectly. It occurred to me while reading your description that everything you described is going on inside of our heads and bodies. If we were actually physically groping in the dark or hanging on a cliff we would at least be burning off the excess adrenaline. Struggling in cyberspace just leaves us with adrenal fatigue!

    I love your new site and have re-subscribed. 🙂


    1. Now that’s the truth, Dorothy. Releasing the stress hormones is crucial. I should have done 20 sit ups and jogged around the block when I was done.


  3. Hi Janice,
    First time I have blogged ever.
    You have been with me and know how “wild” I can get when
    whatever it is, is new and unfamiliar.
    Here’s to a learning curve that is a bit “more wavy” adapting to how we all might really learn.
    From another “cliff hanger…”


    1. That is too cool Cathy. Things did get easier after the first understanding, though. I even figured some stuff out on my own. hip hip. thanks for stopping by.


  4. The new site looks beautiful….congratulations!! People will fine you again but I appreciate you letting me know directly……Hats off to the new generation who can help us access these new media!!! Kim


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