Let it be Spring

Is it spring yet?  Maybe in some parts of the country spring is springing but here in Wisconsin we just got a couple of inches of snow.  I know the days are getting longer with the sun rising at 6:30 am and setting at 5:37  but I am so ready for the change of season.  And as winters go it was a mild one.  In fact, I read recently in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that we had more sunny days this winter than is the norm.  That’s all well and good but what I want to see is some of this:

Instead of this:

Eventually leading to this:

Are you ready for spring? Let’s take a little time and contemplate the coming of spring with the a little help from Vivaldi

Vivaldi – Spring, Allegro


6 thoughts on “Let it be Spring

  1. Hi Janice….Glorious photos…and I can relate. We have had an eerily mild winter here in southern Ontario. I have missed the white snow and blue skies that come with a cold winter. Instead we have had endlessly grey days and a ton of rain!! I find that unsettling for what is says about our climate and depressing at a personal level. But like you, I am eagerly anticipating the spring and have been watching for the small hopeful signs that tell us winter is coming to an end. The days are getting longer, my husband saw sandhill cranes flying overhead today, and canadian geese flying in formation. Here it to spring and the turning of the seasons!! Kim


    1. Thank you Kim. Southern Ontario may be a lot like Wisconsin in that the weather is very changeable. We just had about three inches of snow and now it is flurrying. Later this week it will be in the fifties. Sring is coming Kim, I can feel it…coming in the air tonight (as sung by Phil Collins, sorry I lapse into song periodically. 🙂


  2. Janice, How beautiful, how inspiring.
    I pause at each picture, each pair of pictures in awe of nature and the seasons. Each one perfect unto itself, offering both joys and sorrows.
    It is cold and windy today and as I look out my window at the “frosted” trees I wouldn’t change this season at all.
    This morning with the sunlight on the trees it was like God dancing Overcast now and still magnificent. Powerful.
    Thank you for the contrasts, the music and space for me to appreciate.


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