On the Journey Towards Life Purpose

We were sitting in Steakhouse 100, the four of us, the smell of steak wafting up from our dinner plates. Actually just the guys. We women had salads. But I could smell that steak Mike had from across the table.

“So,” I said, “I found this guy, Richard Under on the internet. He wrote this book called LifePrintsBasically he devoted his whole life to studying fingerprints and what they say about you. I guess he can tell you what plans your soul had for you during this lifetime because the fingerprints are formed five months before your born.”

Donna nodded. She is a highly intelligent nurse. She is very successful in her area of emergency medicine. “You know some people don’t think we came here with a purpose. They think you just are born, live, work and then die.”

“Yeah, your right,” I said. “I guess that is sort of freeing. I mean no searching and wondering what I am here to do.”

“It can also be lonely.”

We went on to talk about our individual search for our purpose. We both agreed it is so far it is out of our reach.

“I feel like there is something missing,” she said.

I thought about that. I wondered why she felt that way. She set out to become a nurse and is in my opinion more than successful in that area. Working in an emergency room is very demanding work. It requires a lot of quick thinking and expertise. But in addition to her vocation she raised a family and is a very involved grandparent. She is a deeply caring person.

Richard Unger tells a story on his web site the International Institute of Hand Analysis:

For instance, I recently read the hands of a man who was extremely successful in business. He came in for a reading because he felt something was missing but couldn’t put his finger on it. His fingerprints revealed the Life Purpose: Successful Artist. Success but not in his creativity or creativity without being paid for it; either of these scenarios would not make him feel on track. He reported that he had considered a more creative career path years ago, but life intruded, he got busy and his creative side had faded into the background.

“Well, apparently, you can send your finger prints and $49.95 to this guy and get a report about on your life purpose,” I said.

“Did you get it? What did it say?” she asked.

“Oh, I didn’t get it yet. I just sent away for it today. I spent two days trying to take my fingerprints.”

Mike laughed. “She was working on that all day today.”

I have to admit that I am holding out hope on this report. Figuring out what purpose there is to  life has been an effort if futility. According to Donald Latumahina in his post “A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose”, finding your life purpose is more like a journey than a one-time stop. But I say, enough with the journey already. I need a little help here. Or maybe if I have a sense of where my meaning in life is, validation.

Latumahina lists eight tips to help with the journey. I suspect getting my report will not be enough. I still need to take the journey, like I haven’t been on this journey for a while but then I could get more focused about it.

As I continue on my journey, I will end with a quote by Fredrick Buechner from Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC,

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

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8 thoughts on “On the Journey Towards Life Purpose

  1. WOW! I’m famous! I read over our evening and was reminded that I have wondered on and off what my purpose was. I took a course through church and was left even more in the dark. I read Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life without any lightbulbs going off. I was left even more “lonely” . Then I decided that maybe for now I should just do what I know I do well even better. That strategy worked for a long time, then that unsettled feeling returned. Now I can’t help but wonder if I am slacking in doing things better, or if I am still looking for another purpose? My brain hurts thinking about it.
    PS had an awesome last night. cant wait for our next adventure. Love you both


    1. I don’t know about you getting famous by being mentioned in my blog. It’s not as if I am read the world over. Like I said in the previous comment I almost was going to say in my blog that I thought you were following your purpose but I didn’t want to presume. I am in the process of learning about my intuition and feedback is a very important part to that process. So, the you are not slacking. You can’t work in a demanding work environment like a hospital emergency room for eons (I think its been eons) without doing what you do better. We had a great time last night as well. The play was intense and the dinner enjoyable.


  2. I have been thinking about this since last night and even more when I found out you blogged about it. My problem is I don’t take a lot of time to ponder. I go off half cocked. This has still been stuck in my brain since I thought I let it go with my last post. I went back to read it all over. I read, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” That one sentence I never saw before really supports my last post about doing what I do better. You see, I have always known that God called me (no He at screamed me) to pursue I now do. I’ll tell you that story sometime (if I haven’t already). So when you find one finds their purpose….don’t underestimate your place in it. Everyday is not a party. Some days may just be mundane, but if we do it the best way we know how and all for the glory and thanks to the One who gave it to us in the first place…… it IS purposeful!


    1. That’s some pretty heavy duty stuff there Donna and I am honored that you choose to do your thinking on my blog. When I was writing that post I was going to say that I thought it was obvious that you were fulfilling your purpose. I am so glad that you see it for yourself. I agree when you are on purpose everyday isn’t a party or over the top thrilling but I get that one gets a feeling of satisfaction. I believe with all my heart that the work you do at your place of employment is excellent because you are doing what you are doing now better. I don’t think one always gets recognition when being on purpose but that doesn’t mean others can’t see it. It shows. Thanks for your thoughtful, insightful words. Janice


  3. I wanted to send my friend the author and name of the book about depression. I was telling her about the theory that depression is a way of letting your spirit know it is time you do something different, but now I can’t find it. Can you enlighten me. Her life has been forever altered because of health issues. I think it will really help her.


    1. I think the book you are thinking of came from the blog Life. A new perspective. That would be lifeanewperspective.com
      Otherwise there is The Mindful Way Through Depression by Sega Zindl and Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. Hope that helps.


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