Why I Write

It is time to blog and I am scrambling with what to write. Can’t think of a single thing and does it all matter anyway. That is the same thing I have come up with in regards to my other writing. Why am I writing anyway? What is the point? I guess it is a personal thing for everyone but I thought I will do a web search.

After plugging in the word, “why I write” I found many people talking about that very thing and below is what I came up with for me.

I write because I feel the desire. Where the desire come from I don’t know. I do know I want to make sense of my life. I write in the hopes that the sense I may or may not come up with will help another come to an understanding of what their own life experiences have to tell them.

By doing this I hope to not feel so alone, to connect with others on a deep meaningful level. My blog writing is a part of that. By sharing my experiences and how I cope, I hope others will feel a sense of companionship along life’s journey.

I also write because I want to be heard. And just as importantly I want to hear others. I had hoped that by my sharing, others would feel motivated to share and in turn be heard as well.

These thoughts are all part of my process in discovering my ‘life purpose” which is the theme for my blog right now. I mean I don’t think it is ever too late to find out what I want to be when I grow up. I may be in the latter third of my life but I still want to find some meaningful “work”, if you will, however that may look.  I am exploring if writing is the thing for me.  So what do you think?


Is there a book in you? 

Is there a book in you?  – A book by Alison Baverstock




“the only purpose of writing, as an intellectual activity, is to better understand some aspect of the world for yourself by explaining it to others.” – The Mystery Guest by Gregoire Bouiller.

“The pen is the tongue of the mind” – Cervantes (1547- 1616)

“For me one of the great joys of writing is articulating something I felt but never expressed before. The phrase “coming to terms with” means precisely that, finding words to express the experience.”Julia Bell The creative writing course-book

Writing “seems to originate partly in a sense of destiny and partly in the determination to do something about it.” I actually forgot where I got this from.  But it is someone else’s original thought which spoke to me.


4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Writing because you feel the desire is a perfect reason to write. It’s the same reason I do my music. I didn’t plan it or expect it but the desire is there, so I do it.

    I’m so glad that you write. When I read your work, it helps me reflect about my life and sometimes shift my perspective. Mostly, I just makes me feel good!



    1. Thank you Ann. I have to say your music is inspiring, thought provoking, it stir my emotions, brings tears to my eyes and I feel in awe at your creativity and the extent of your talents. That said, saying you like my work is high praise indeed.

      I found it interesting that you chose to comment on the one reason why I write that is the hardest for me to accept. I agree it is a great reason to write, just a tad bit scary, doing what I want, you know?


  2. Nice post Janice…it is something that I have struggled with as well…but I too think it is important to give ourselves permission to explore what we have to say…to find our voices…to discover what pours out of us when we have a safe place to express our thoughts and feelings….Good for you!!! Kim


    1. Kim, Yes, you have said it well. In fact, I just got a new book on the topic. Writing Down Your Soul: How to activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within. I am looking forward to delving into it. Thanks for you ongoing support. Janice


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