Trusting the Journey

My LifePrints report has finally arrived. The one I mentioned I was going to order in my post , One the Journey Towards Life Purpose. The report was a PDF in my in-box. I clicked on the file from, downloaded it, then opened it in my adobe reader. I read over the intro of the document, my eyes barely skimming the description of what LifePrints is all about and how finger prints are used to show my life purpose in a rush to get to the heart of it, my actual finger print profile.

Then there it was, a little chart with the symbol representing my fingerprints for each finger. Below that a little box was divided into three parts. Up top were the words, Life Purpose: Highest Self Actualization Point. The middle box was where my Life Lesson: Biggest Hurdle in Life, Challenge Point sat. At the bottom I read about my School (Primary Life Initiation): Life Scale Training Program. All of this is based on Soul Psychology according to Richard Unger founder of LifePrints.

Excitement mounted as I read. I think I am on track I thought. What with my blog and writing. That’s creative, isn’t it? I called Mike to have him read it. I called my friend Ann bursting with the news. However, the next day I crashed. I realized my life purpose was way too much for me. There had to be some kind of mistake.

I checked my astrology report and my numerology chart. All pointed in the same direction. Basically it is to express myself creatively. That’s all fine and good but according to my LifePrints report I am to do this with innovation, meaning develop my own personal style, to follow my own inclinations and develop something that is unique. Argh How am I to do that? So I write a bit but is it enough to be considered “my own persona style” or “something unique.”

Well, all as it should be. As it turns out feeling I can’t do it is part of my life lesson. To quote:

In addition to your Life Lesson described earlier, there is a secondary requirement, which is having faith in your abilities to live your Life Purpose. Until you develop this self confidence, you are likely to keep finding ways to sabotage your best efforts at success.

Fortunately I was given a little check list of eight items to help me with this.

  1.  Start somewhere, do something
  2. Give yourself a chance
  3. Commit all the way.
  4.  Cultivate optimism
  5.  Give it time
  6. Your moment of truth
  7. Find inspiration
  8.  Give yourself a break.

I shared my report and my fears to a friend and before I knew it she gifted me with two fantastic books by Julie Cameron author of The Artist’s Way. These books are The Right to Write and The Sound of Paper. Both are filled with exercises to help me develop a creative life.

I already worked on the exercise in the first chapters of the books. Now I ‘m wondering. Will I maintain, preserve or run for the hills the moment the going gets tough. In other words, can I trust myself.

My good friend Cathy Gawlick, who can be found at Way of the Willow and Life. A new perspective, wrote a marvelous poem describing just that. I would like to share that with you now.

A I began to reflect on
…more than anything I want to trust a journey that I don’t understand….

 It came to me that is is about trusting myself.
And I wonder if I do
trust myself.
To be consistent, to be constant, to be true to myself.

 Is it trusting the journey or
trusting myself on the journey that I will do
what I say I will do, speak as the truth of my heart?
Or both
the journey not understood
trusting myself and the traveler
taking the next step….

Armed with my check list, my two new books and the help from my husband and friends I am off on a journey to unleash my whole creative self.  I am throwing myself into this, understanding that there will be time where doubt and fear will come in but I will forge on going deep into myself to discover if there is indeed anything unique and individual in me.

Is there a journey that you are on that you need to trust in?


4 thoughts on “Trusting the Journey

  1. You are most definitely on your way! I know that feeling of fear around how big our life purpose can be. But, it is what it is and i think you are up for it for sure. I find just following my heart, being as authentic as possible and always, always giving myself compassion is how I get around the fear. We are all unique creatures. the paradox that we are one and unique all at the same time gives me goose bumps. Do your thing and you will not fail!


    1. Hello Sandra. You are right about the paradox of us being unique yet all one being auspicious. It is mind boggling. I recently read in the LifePrints book by Richard Unger that life purpose is a consciousness to inhabit not an action to take. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Now I loved your post.
    And I loved the the idea you quoted from Richard Unger – life purpose if a consciousness to inhabit not an action to take. That is what I have been trying to say and not with such insight or an actual physical sense of life purpose.
    What is it that is inhabiting me?


    1. Thank you Cathy. I did think of you when I picked that quote out. By allowing creative expression to inhabit me I am moved to take action, or when I take action it is on “purpose”.



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