Swinging Free

While with Gavin at the park the other day I noticed this little girl of about 10 or 11 swinging with a wide grin on her face. I found myself smiling with her and at a memory of myself on a swing. Swinging was one of my favorite things as a child. I loved the feel of my legs kicking high in the air while my head dipped low. Sometimes I would look behind me. Sometimes I would see if my hair would touch the ground. Sometimes when my swing came up I would wrap my arms around the chain link swing and push my chest out almost as if to lunge forward. Other times I would hold on to the swing with both hands and bolt myself out. Flying in the air landing on the soft earth only to run back and swing again.

I was just thinking the other day that I don’t even remember who I was as a child. What I was like.   And here I was blessed with a marvelous memory. A memory so sweet and delicious. A memory that allows me to re-experience some childhood joy which I felt was in such short supply. Maybe my happy childhood memories aren’t around family or warm family holiday get-together but that doesn’t mean happy times were completely devoid in my life. I can take heart in the fact that there were times when I was able to be free, I was able to be myself with out judgement or criticism. This is good to have, this memory. I am grateful that it was shown to me. Assuming, of course, that there is a reason to everything and I was given a gift of a memory of who I was and who I still am and will always be, a free spirit, enjoying life, child of God.

I have this picture taken of me on a swing.  I am barely visible in the picture however it is clear I am not the free spirit  in my memory.  In my memory, I am at the school playground away from the drama of my family life.   In this picture, I am in our back yard.  I am about 10 or 11.  I am glad for the memory of my swinging at the school playground because I needed to know that I had times when I was not so burdened down.  That I found a place to feel free.  It is a memory I will nurture and cherish.  A memory I will use to help the little girl in the picture.

Do you have any memories where you felt free and light-hearted?  When you remember them, do you feel like it is a gift, a peek inside the you as a child, the you that is always there even though at times  you may lose touch with it.  I look forward to hearing some of those memories that you  feel like sharing.


4 thoughts on “Swinging Free

  1. I rode my bike today and as I was whizzing down a slight hill, remembered the daredevil little girl I was when I lived in Sioux City, Iowas and rode down enormous hills without a care in the world. Thanks this was a good time to ask about such things. I still feel carefree when I am out in nature and exercising or just looking up at the sky.


    1. Sandy, What a wonderful memory. I too remember riding a bike and feeling free. I still love to ride bikes. thanks for sharing the memory of your “daredevil little girl” Janice


  2. I was thinking about this post today and realized that I do have memories where I felt free and light-heartedness. The first realization was that as the unpleasant, painful memories from my childhood have faded there is room for these more pleasant memories. I remember summers at the lake – swimming, diving, standing on my hands in the water (legs and feet sticking out in the air). Sure thought I was something! I felt so at home in the water. Except of course when I discovered a blood sucker on my foot that was a different story! Yuck!
    Standing on the shore underneath the willow tree – the breeze, the smell of the water, just plain “feeling,” being in the moment. That’s it, being in the moment.


    1. Cathy, I think that is at the heart of the free and light-hearted memories, a being in the moment. Feeling free to be in the moment. Cool memories, Cathy, thanks for sharing them. Janice


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