Finding Encouragement in the Simple Things

I have been waiting for this time in the spring with such anticipation. No, its not the return of the robin, the budding of the leaves, the tulips or daffodils or even the song of the red-wing black bird, which is nostalgic for me although I do get excited when these things first appear. For me, it is the subdivision rummage sales. The first one of the season was the Aberdeen subdivision in Menominee Falls, WI with 20+ homes participating.

The day was cool and cloudy with the threat of rain which never materialized. We parked our gray Honda fit on Aberdeen Dr to start our trek around the subdivision on foot. I hooked up Angie to her leash and we headed off looking for treasures and bargains. We just about finished our sojourn finding a few treasures when I spotted something we specifically were hoping to find.

“Mike, look, the blocks we’re looking for,” I said.

Mike walked over to me and looked down to where I pointed. There sat a plastic tote filled with big wooden old fashioned blocks. Mike haggled them down from $20 to 12. This itself made the day but was not the biggest deal

The big deal of the day was a just an idea I had in mind. We have this glass picnic table with four chairs that we kept on your enclosed porch. This year I thought I would like to bring it outside to encourage us to be in our yard more. There is a hole in the middle of the table for an umbrella which we don’t have. I thought it sure would be nice if we had an umbrella.

As we were walking up this driveway of a large suburban home looking at the assortment of treasures, I spotted this big blue/green umbrella in the middle of the driveway. The woman who was running the rummage sale was standing near by.

“How much is this umbrella?” I asked.

“You can have it for a dollar.” she said.

“A dollar. Wow.” It hardly looked used. “How big is it?” It looked kind of short to fit in my table.

“Oh, it looks like a pole is missing. Let me go get that.”

“If you find the pole. You got a deal.” I said. She did and the deal was sealed.

I brought it home and set up my table right way. It looks so inviting in our backyard with the table and our fire pit.

I am still astonished. I can’t believe I found that umbrella. I know this is pretty trivial but it is speaks to me of “ask and you shall receive” and more importantly, I can ask but then I still need to go out and do the work. I had the thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to have an umbrella” knowing that I would not buy a new one for after all we are on a limited income, which meant finding one at a rummage sale. What were the odds of finding just the right umbrella that fits our table. So, I go to the rummage sales and there it was, waiting for me but I would never have got it without putting my thought into action.

This reminds me of what Ester and Jerry Hicks write about in their books on the Law of Attraction. They say that when I desire something it is already there. I wished for the umbrella. The “broader Non-physical, Source Energy, Inner Being” part of me becomes the vibrational equivalent of what I am asking and is waiting for me to catch up. In other words waiting for me to put my wish into some sort of action, going to the rummage sales. I could have not put forth the effort. I could have said, “Ah, it’s cloudy and cold, it may rain, I’ll just stay home.” In which case, I wouldn’t have found the umbrella.

This seemingly trivial experience to me is an expression of hope. I can get what I want but I need to go out there and do the work. Applying this to my life purpose, which according to my finger prints profile is to master creativity, I realize I can do it. I can live my life purpose if I do the work, which in my case is writing. Writing from my heart with my own creative, individualistic style. Writing and never giving up. Writing with a strong sense of self acceptance. I can do all this and catch up to the “broader Non-physical, Source Energy, Inner Being” who is already living with the flow of life purpose.

By looking at life’s simple mundane experiences and applying deeper meaning one can find motivation, hope and encouragement. I hope that your days bring you just such experiences.
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7 thoughts on “Finding Encouragement in the Simple Things

  1. What luck..your yard looks so inviting! I also love yard sales, you never know what type of treasure you may find.


    1. Yes Linda, yard sales are the best place to find deals. I got a pull toy puppy for Gavin for 75 cents and a fisher price camera. Can’t wait to got next weekend. Do you have good rummage sales in SC?


    1. Pam, I loved those links. I think that there is overlap in “new age” thinking and spirituality. Science of mind, law of attraction, The secret, they all speak of a powerful spirituality where the individual has the power of his or her life through the power of thought. I loved the statement of beliefs at the last link. Thanks for those links. I think I may have run across science of mind in my metaphysical reading. It is always good to have ones memory refreshed. And it is fascinating about the power of thought. By using intent and observation to cultivate an awareness when we are manifesting the changes we desire.


  2. Janice, I love your umbrella! Just what I have wanted for a long time. Guess I have to put my thought into action. This is probably true for so much in our lives, my life. Put my thought into action and I can actualize so much in my life. At this point my thoughts are about peace of mind, a generous heart, and an open perspective. I can put my thoughts into action – if I continue to remember my thoughts which are my desires of how I want to live. I want a “blue umbrella” to remind me of how wonderful the universe is and how blessed I am. Well, I really want a blue umbrella! Love, Cathy


    1. Dear Cathy, That is just what I was trying to say that the blue umbrella symbolizes who wonderful the universe is. I was going to say, how wonderful the universe can be, but that didn’t seem right. But then that is how it may seem at times, like it can be wonderful instead of it is because, for me anyway, a lot of the times I don’t allow myself to see and accept what is there. Thank Cathy, and I am hoping that a blue umbrella makes its way into your life. Love, janice


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