Peace in my backyard

I discovered that there is such a thing as finding peace in my backyard. It was quite by accident. It was a sunny warm Sunday afternoon and Mike was on his way over to our son’s to help install a deck.

“I’m going to do some writing while your gone,” I announced.

“Why don’t your write outside, it’s nice out,” he said.

“Yeah, your right. That’s a great idea.”

Peace in my own backyardI packed up my laptop and headed to our picnic table with my green,  rummage-sale-find-of-the-year umbrella and set up shop. Of course it took me awhile to settle in and actually get to writing. First I had to go around the yard and check out all my flowers and my resident toads, all of which I decided needed to have their pictures taken.



Peace in my backyard

Writing in my peaceful backyardFinally, I did settle down to write. The peace in my backyard with all the different birds around me singing to one another was working its magic, I felt my breath deepen and tensions slip away. Suddenly a robin came from behind me and whizzed past about 12 inches from my head. I heard the wings flutter and even felt a slight breeze.

Whoa,” I said to no one in particular before I broke into a full smile. I realized that lately I was experiencing many close encounters with Robins. In the our yard, for sure, but also on my walks where from time to time a robin would fly for a short in tandem with me. Hmmmm. Robins. I wonder what message Robins bring. Of course, I went right over to the handy-dandy animal spirits web site and looked up Robin.

Robin wisdomRobin:  Understanding the power of song, Happiness, Guide in the wisdom of change.

Interesting. I just read a quote by poet Kahlil Gibran on Aging Abundantly.

Music is the language of spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife.

That does feel like synchronicity and I certainly do feel joy listening to Robin’s unique song. Whenever I hear a robin sing, I stop, listen and identify that I am listening to a robin. Maybe I’m being urged to slow down, enjoy the present moment and be guided on my journey through writing not just with my blog but the with my “therapy story” I mentioned in my post Immersing myself in a project.

About ten minutes later, a pigeon flew past coming from the same direction only a little further out. Two different birds doing the same thing. This must mean something.

Pigeon wisdomPigeon: Brings peace and love, Understanding of gentleness, Spirit messenger, Communicates between the two worlds

I took in a deep breath allowing the peace in my backyard to fill my heart and soul while I contemplated the two messages from the robin and pigeon. I felt that Spirit, the universe, God’s love, were all around me. Maybe the guidance suggested by the robin lay in  peace, love and gentleness which is always waiting for me in my backyard. I know I can be hard on myself when it comes to my writing.  Gentleness is needed and with peace and love, I can be the wisdom of change. Maybe somehow, someway, through my writing, I am putting voice to the change that is going on all the time in myself and that which echos in the wider world. In fact my “therapy story” is basically about change. Lately there are times when I felt uncertain as to why I am writing that story in the first place. Maybe I’m being shown here that there is a larger purpose.

But the universe is not done sending me messengers. I had set up my tripod to snap a picture of me in the middle of enjoying the peace in my backyard. After I took the picture I just left the tripod sit there. Before long and much to my surprise and delight, a hairy woodpecker landed on one of the black legs of the tripod swiveling his little head searching about for a place to peck. Finally it realized it’s not on a tree and it turned and flew right towards me. I duck my head as it adjusts its flight path and lands on the bush behind me.

Woodpecker wisdomWoodpecker: Connection to the earth, Ability to find hidden layers, Understands rhythms, cycles and patterns, Warnings, Prophecy, The Earth’s drummer, Pecks away at deception until the truth is revealed

Now I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, at least for this moment because everything is in a state of constant change, that the message that took three messengers is around the writing of my therapy story. I was struck with how the “pecking away at deception until the truth is revealed” is so fitting. When I think about it that is exactly what is going on during my writing. It feels like a slow rhythmic pecking away at hidden layers, at an uncovering an untruth.

What an amazing discovery. Right here from the peace of my own backyard, without having to get in the car and travel. I can sit out here, breathe in the peace and tranquility and receive wisdom from nature’s messengers anytime I choose to avail myself

Hey, I bet if I take that quote from Kahlil Gibran and change the word music to nature I am left with a poetic summary of my experience sitting in my backyard.

Nature is the language of spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife.

I invite you to walk out into your backyard and discover what the universe through nature has in store for you and please do share your discoveries here on Jazzminey Crone Chronicles.

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Robin Image credit: steve_byland / 123RF Stock Photo
Pigeon Image credit: abramovtv / 123RF Stock Photo
Woodpecker Image credit: bgminer / 123RF Stock Photo


8 thoughts on “Peace in my backyard

  1. I can so relate to your post! Thanks for the mention too! I have spent many an hour writing outside and being inspired by nature. I love the way you re-worked the quote. It so works! Love your photos too. How did you get such good close ups of the birds?

    I am going to pass on the “animal spirits” info. My mother was an avid bird person and taught me so much about them. My sister wrote a blog for my Caring for Mom blog that you might find interesting. She had an encounter with a Cardinal!

    I look forward to reading more of your nature adventures! You inspired me!


    1. Dorothy, I was mesmerized by your sisters post, The Love of the Cardinal. It is am amazing story. The cardinal wisdom on the animal spirits web sit is: Courtship, Fatherhood, Understanding the power of the wind, Finding your soul song. I can see Cardinal’s wisdom throughout the story.

      I did not take the pictures of the birds. I have the image credit at the bottom of the page. I almost got a shot of the woodpecker. I was slowly reaching for the camera and it sensed my movement and flew off. But it was so close in the bush behind me that I could see all of her details and markings.

      My goal is to get some good bird pictures. Last year I was working on butterflies. This year I think it will be birds.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to see you. I am honored that I inspire one who inspires.


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