Crone wisdom and Storytelling

Crone woman with loyal sidekick
Crone with loyal sidekick

Over a year ago on June 25 I decided to go for it and write a blog about crone wisdom. In my first two posts, Hello and On Becoming a Crone, I explored the how and why on my choice of topic. However, blogging was the start of delving into to a more structured writing life. I thought if I had a blog post to put out it would force me to write which is what I thought I wanted to do. And I do want to write it’s just that being more focused on it is more work than I realized. I read somewhere that writing is 80% work and 20% fun. Before being more structured about my writing that was just a concept. Now I get that 80/20% thing on a more personal level. I had the thought in my head that it should be the other way around. But now that I’m more into it I can see that thinking up ideas, finding the right words, and endless rewriting is the bulk of writing which is the work part. Then when I’m done and I say, well, that is the best I can do at this time and its pretty OK, I feel like I accomplished something.

Anyway, after kicking around a few ideas I thought I wanted to write about what life is like during the third trimester of life from one woman’s perspective. I thought being an older woman is viewed negatively in our culture. Actually you could say being older altogether is not highly valued but for a woman it is especially looked down on. From reading different books and pursuing the internet I discovered the concept of the crone with regard to older women. At first I cringed. Crone, I thought Who the heck wants to be an old crone. Aren’t they witches? Like the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz.

Blyth Danner: A crone is beautifulThen I realized that a crone is actually an older woman who has cultivated wisdom from her decades of living, learning and experiencing. That’s who I am is actually a crone minus the stereotypes. Actually, many older women born of the baby boom generation are experiencing life in the 21st century differently than women of previous generations. We/I had the benefit of the 60’s exploration, woman’s lib, and various personal exploration methods like rebirthing, transactional analysis, to name a few

So when I started my blog I called it Jazzminey Crone Chronicles suggesting that I am chronicling the life of a crone, a baby crone actually implying that I am new into cronedom which I saw as a woman past menopause living life fully, embracing life, taking care of herself psychically, emotionally and mentally, being an inspiration to the upcoming generations that being an older woman does not mean she need take up a rocker and watch life go by. That she can be in life and actually contribute to it from her place of an elder in society, a wise elder, a wise woman elder, a crone, a wise woman crone elder.

That is the place I wanted to come from when writing my blog. It wasn’t to just hand out advice and tell others the best way to live but to portray my struggles and accomplishments, excitements and disappointments, joys and sorrows and how I dealt with them. To synthesis my accumulated past experiences, learning and knowledge into a wisdom pearl, to give added depth and sense meaning to the present and share what meaning I got out of the experience through storytelling.

Taking the path of the croneI have shared 62 experiences in my first year of blogging. I started out enthusiastically blogging twice a week after which I settled into my now once a week post. I touched on many different topics that were relevant to me at the time of writing. I hope in my posts I showed that an older woman, a crone, has a rich and varied inner as well as outer life. That life is not over after 60. Sure life is different now that I’m older but I can still be physically active, learn new things, change old habits, develop new ones and even consider the possibility of a life purpose and pursue that. To me that is what a Crone is all about.

In my second post of all time I had a link to a poem. I am adding it here, shall I say, linkless, as a way of marking my first year of blogging, of chronicling my life as a crone, jazzminey crone chronicles.

Crone Wisdom

Night is the time of the Crone
After the heat of day
After the heat of youth
The coolness of the Crone comes

 Night is the time of the Crone
Cool breezes carry her wise words
Her secrets unfold in the quiet time
Echoing ancient truths

 Listening is a gift of the Crone
Seasons of living opened her ears
Pain and joy have opened her heart
Acceptance of others opened her spirit

 All Crones have wisdom to share
Some know the Goddess…some do not
Open and listen to the Crones you meet
Value their wisdom that is offered to you

 Age is not to be feared, but embraced . . .
wrinkles are not to be hated, but explored . . .
they are the map of a person’s life, carried upon their face . .
movement slows as wisdom grows . . . this is a truth of life’s later season . . .


Links on Crone Wisdom

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12 thoughts on “Crone wisdom and Storytelling

    1. Thank you Linda, my fellow cronester 🙂 And my secret is…wait for it…an attitude of being open and receptive. I don’t know. I’m making that up. But it sounds good doesn’t it. Now I use sunscreen on my face daily but that wasn’t always the case. I used to smoke but I quit that. I can’t say its in the gene’s either, I guess its just being blessed. Enjoy your blessings Linda. Hey, and aren’t you coming out this way in the near future?


    1. Thanks John. I forgot to mention that the crone is an aspect of the Goddess. Thanks for bringing that up. and thanks for reading and responding and liking and all that there stuff. Hope things are going well over there at Living Spirit Church.


  1. Congratulations on this important milestone in your journey! The very fact that you’ve written 62 posts in this first year proves the truth of your point that life after 60 continues to be an adventure of creative growing, learning and changing. Good for you for demonstrating with your own experience that there’s no age limit on envelope pushing, risk-taking, soul-making, and making a work of art of your life. Warm blessings, Jeanie


    1. Thank you Jeanie for summing up so succinctly what I was saying. I feel heard and its a good feeling. Hey did you check out that link discussing the crone archetype. Warm blessings come back to you Jeanie.


  2. Sometimes I tend to take a step back and forget how fortunate I am to be here. If only I could.make that one relationship open up. You know what I am talking about. Yes we are coming back first of August..hope we could get together.


    1. You in deed did beat the odds. You are doing really well and I look forward to seeing you. From what I understand this one relationship has some good moments. Those are the ones to cherish when you are taking your step back.


  3. I have tremendously enjoyed reading several of your posts this morning about your insights and wisdom of the crone years. I just am realizing that I am fully there and can’t help but wonder when did I arrive. No wonder I am seeking so much solitude time amidst still the busy-ness of life. Blessings.


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