Acting Self-compassionately

Green Tara
Green Tara

I’m coming back to my blog. Or as I recently learned sitting in a circle with women to delve into self compassion, I am coming home, to myself, again. This is an act of self compassion, returning to my blog. I want to get out thoughts, ideas and ponderings that rumble around in my head. Up till now my dear husband Mike was the only one forced to sit in on my “lectures”, listening patiently and attentively as I share with him my latest mental wanderings, which usually took place in the morning. I would wake up with thoughts and emotions swirling in my head. I’d mention something to Mike and I’d be off and running.

This morning after finishing my thoughts I looked over at Mike and shrugged as if to say. I know, I know, I’m boring you.

Instead, Mike said, “You should write that down before you forget.”

I looked down and smiled. What a mind reader.

“I am thinking of blogging again,” I said, almost shyly, almost tentatively but with a kind of joyous determination in my heart. “But this time I am not going to focus on what I should write, how I should write. I am not going to worry about having proper links and references. This time it is going to be Jazzminy Crone Chronicles: just me. I am going to put voice to my thoughts and feelings and if no one sees it, if I get no traffic, then amen. Because this time I am going to write to activate my throat chakra. To get things out and moving.” I put my hands together like a cup. I placed them around my gut and moved them up through my chest and out my throat and mouth. “If someone stumbles upon my blog and likes it, that’s great but that is not going to be my goal. I really think that was my goal before. Which is why I got so stressed about it all. Which is one reason why I abandoned it.”

“That’s a great idea,” he said. “But here is my advice to you, my thought about you after knowing you for so long. You come up with great ideas and then you don’t do anything about them, you forget about them.”

I nodded raising the left corner of mouth.

“So, go do some writing now. Get the momentum going.”

I stood up. “All right, but I want it said, for the record, that I am going to write now but NOT because you said I should. Okay. You don’t tell me what to do.”

We both laughed

“I am the puppet master. I control the strings,” Mike said waving his hands in the air.

“Yeah, right, okay.” I left the room and headed straight for the computer room.

So, in closing I want to state out loud, into the void that this writing, this blog is an act of self compassion because I am opening up my throat chakra and allowing my voice to be heard, how ever small or meek. I am honoring my self, my voice, my thoughts, my feelings, my ideas. I am doing this and allowing it to be public but at the same time not actively trying to be on the search engines to try in get more traffic.  Again, acting self-compassionately, I am letting what is, is.

6 thoughts on “Acting Self-compassionately

  1. I so enjoyed reading this entry. A journey…
    A journey of self compassion into thoughts and words.
    And doing it for yourself…
    Delighted you are sharing.


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