Part four of the epic catalyst for change

“Yes, you can eat. But eat before noon. Then nothing after that.”

I looked at Mike and we smiled at each other. “Thanks.”

Dr. Pool left and Mike and I pursued the menu. We didn’t discuss what we had learned much. I mean, I think we were in a state of shock about the whole thing.

Anyway, the echo was done. The technician just wheeled the whole machine into the room and did it right there. The same happened with an x-ray I had. No more having to be brought done to these departments to get tests done. Very convenient, very efficient.

Just as Dr. Pool thought it was not severe.

At 3:00 a very, young woman, she looked to me to be a teenager, took me, bed and all, down to the cath lab, talking all the way down about how skinny she was and how she should eat more.  She was skinny.  Her yammering did take my mind off what lay ahead.  I got involved in telling her to be herself.

The cath lab and the aftermath I will save for another day.  There was a lot going on that day, the day of my second catheterization.  Frankly, I didn’t want to have another hole poked in my femoral artery.  It was still bruised.  I just got the dang sheath from Monday’s pulled out.  What’s a woman to do?  When’s it all going to end?   Tomorrow hopefully.

4 thoughts on “Part four of the epic catalyst for change

  1. Your brother told you, “You did good!” Not just good rather unbelievably amazing. To follow yourself, this journey, to trust I believe to be so powerful. Love, Cathy


    1. Thanks Cathy, for hanging in there and ready against all odds 🙂 But just as importantly thank you for your comments and feedback. Right now, you are the only one reading and I am really grateful. Grateful to have a good friend like you.


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