The Last Day, more or less, Of My Catalyst for Change

“I was scared,” Mike said. “I didn’t know what to think. Why did he want to talk to me in the conference room? Then Dr. Park came bursting into the room with a big smile on his face. He told me that every thing went well. He said they went in and blasted your arteries open and put in five stents He said that you are fine to travel back home but will have a weight restriction of 10 pounds for about week or so. He said you can get your valve taken care of in Wisconsin.“

“Wow,” was all I could think of to say.

“Oh, yeah, and he said that you will have more blood going to her heart than you will know what to do with.”

I could tell Mike thought that was terribly amusing I just think he was happy and relieved at the outcome. And that’s a good thing but I was still in a daze.

I stayed that night at Dallas. It was the best night through out my time in the hospital. It was all over. Done. It wasn’t till I was back at Joe’s that I wondered if I was going to be okay but that night was pretty good.

The next morning Dr. Park and Peter among a slew of other people, stopped by to see how I was and if I had any questions. Dr. Park said they would put together a CD with pictures of my cath to give my doctor in Wisconsin.

Dr. Park gave me two cards from the company that made my stents. The stents are called Xience: Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System. On the card, little stickers with a part number and a lot number were lined up at the bottom. Below the sticker, the doctor wrote in the location of the stent. There are only four slots per card so I have two cards. One card has four stickers; the other only one. There is also a full color, sort of, three-dimensional representation of a heart. The arteries are shown on this heart image with labels supposedly to help with locating where the stents were placed. The cards say I should carry them with me and show them to any medical personnel who may be treating me.

Dr. Park told me I could go home that day, well, back to Joe’s anyway. Finally. It had been 6 days since I went into the emergency room. Six days on a roller coaster. Six days taken from the vacation I was to have with my husband and grandson. The vacation was essentially over. I did not realize then how this six-day journey would change my perspective. Change me. Push me to make changes in my life. How it would be a catalyst for change. These six days were just the beginning. The weeks following this journey, when I put things together, accepted some truths and made some decisions, that would be the real work.

2 thoughts on “The Last Day, more or less, Of My Catalyst for Change

  1. Janice, All I can say is you are an amazing person to have the outlook you do. Not feeling sorry for yourself but to have the thoughtfulness to use your ordeal to make good changes in your life.


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