The Last Day, more or less, Of My Catalyst for Change

Once I arrived at the cath lab, Mr. Hawaiian had me scooch from my bed/gurney to the cath table. Before I knew what was happening, he pulled my hospital gown up and examined the area.

“They did a good job shaving you at Allen,” he said.

“Well, they shaved me again here, just to be sure.” I laughed. What else is one to do in a circumstance like that.

He folded a towel, a neat thick rectangle, and fitted it between my legs to cover the essentials. Yeah, I felt really covered. But I just took it all, the exposure, the guy commenting on my private area, all of it. I just took it, not saying a word. All I could think about was all that equipment around me. My head swiveled from side to side. Oh my god, I said in my head. I was sure this cath lab had to be used for more than just cardiac catheterizations. It could have been Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.

A woman breezed in. This is Andrea (not her name) she will be assisting.

Oh, cool, why didn’t she take care of my below area, I thought. Then both Mr. Hawaiian and Andre left me to sit and stew.

And stew I did. I couldn’t believe the enormity of the place, the equipment. And the place was deserted, nothing was going on, no people on the other tables. Empty. A ghost town. I looked at the bank of monitors. I had vague flashbacks from the cath at Allen. Did I see something on those screens then I wondered?

Mr. Hawaiian came back . “It won’t be long now,” he said as he busied himself doing god knows what.

“I’m getting kind of scared.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be giving you something soon. You’ll be feeling really good.”

He drifted over to my right side where my IV was. He must have injected the feel good stuff because directly into my IV because from there, things got a bit hazy. I don’t remember when I went to my happy place. I just remember coming to now and then and seeing two doctors, I think they were both doctors, doing stuff around by my feet.

Then I had chest pain. A lot of chest pain. Incredible chest pain

“Ach, that really hurts. Is it suppose to hurt?” I said to those figures working by what felt like way down by my feet, but don’t quote me, my vision could have been distorted.

“It won’t be long now.” A voice said

I went back to my happy place only to be jolted back with more pain.

“Man, that hurts,” I mumbled. “How much longer,” I said out loud.

One of my sons recently was diagnosed with heart disease and had six stents put in. He told me that it hurt like having a heart attack when the stents were placed. Well, now I know first hand what he was talking about.

Then it was over. Somehow I got off that table and was wheeled back to my room. The pain was gone so I was allowed to go back to the dreamy state.

When I “came to” back in my room I learned that the sheath removed. Yippee! I was told that instead of putting pressure on the insertion site, the hole was stitched up and a ball of gauze was tapped to give it some pressure.

Mike stepped into the room shortly after I returned and told me that Dr. Park, one of the three P’s who did the heart cath, sent someone to the waiting room to ask him to go to a small conference room and that Dr. Park would be in to talk to him.

2 thoughts on “The Last Day, more or less, Of My Catalyst for Change

  1. Janice, All I can say is you are an amazing person to have the outlook you do. Not feeling sorry for yourself but to have the thoughtfulness to use your ordeal to make good changes in your life.


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