Eclipse of Bust

I woke up and checked Accuweather on my phone only to discover that the eclipse would be eclipsed by the weather. "Mike, it says here that the cloud cover will be 77%. when the eclipse is supposed to happen." We were going to go Harvest Moon for an eclipse viewing party. Harvest Moon being the bonafide operating Drive-in … Continue reading Eclipse of Bust


Acting Self-compassionately

I'm coming back to my blog. Or as I recently learned sitting in a circle with women to delve into self compassion, I am coming home, to myself, again. This is an act of self compassion, returning to my blog. I want to get out thoughts, ideas and ponderings that rumble around in my head. … Continue reading Acting Self-compassionately

Father’s Day and Jung’s archetypes

For Father's day I will expound on Jung's archetypes, specifically the father archetype and the collective unconscious.  I have  hesitated to write on a subject for which I think I know little and Jung's theories are just such a topic.  However, it is a topic that I felt drawn to when I first learned of … Continue reading Father’s Day and Jung’s archetypes

On the Journey Towards Life Purpose

We were sitting in Steakhouse 100, the four of us, the smell of steak wafting up from our dinner plates. Actually just the guys. We women had salads. But I could smell that steak Mike had from across the table. “So,” I said, “I found this guy, Richard Under on the internet. He wrote this … Continue reading On the Journey Towards Life Purpose