Let it be Spring

Is it spring yet?  Maybe in some parts of the country spring is springing but here in Wisconsin we just got a couple of inches of snow.  I know the days are getting longer with the sun rising at 6:30 am and setting at 5:37  but I am so ready for the change of season.  … Continue reading Let it be Spring


Peacefully Coexist

My start to the new year was not something to be desired.  I woke up New Year's day with the flu.  I stayed in bed all day and watched the snow falling gently outside my window.  I love walking when the snow slowly drifts down.  But not that day.  That day I tossed and turned … Continue reading Peacefully Coexist

A Charmed Life?

Note:  I found Internet access at Palmetto State Park in TX.  It is slow going but I managed to get this out.  I will be able to post more when we get to our son's place.  Thanks for reading. We pulled into Lake Catherine State Park in AR Friday night. I originally thought we were … Continue reading A Charmed Life?


My Confession

I can’t let another minute go by without fessing up.  It’s about the vision quest.  I wasn’t alone that night I stayed up all night.  Angie, my dog, was with me.  I didn’t plan it that way.  Truly, I didn’t.  It just sort of happened.  Let me tell you how. For much of my time … Continue reading My Confession


Chapter 3 Beautiful Completion

I didn’t fully take in my experience with the moon.  I was there with it but I didn’t process it.  So, once the moon moved back into the trees my mind went back to my disappointment with an owl not perching on a tree over my site. It must be after midnight.  Restlessness overtook me.  … Continue reading Chapter 3 Beautiful Completion


Chapter 2, Luna

I waited all night for that owl to appear as I laid on my sleeping bag watching the moon peek between the trees.  It inched up the sky, a bright sphere creating dappling all around me.  I listened to the crickets and an occasional owl hoot in the distance. All of a sudden, I felt … Continue reading Chapter 2, Luna


Chapter 1 Perspective

Note: writing down my experiences the night of my vision quest took longer than I thought.  The result is a small novel. 🙂 As a result, I broke it up into chapters.   I have the next two chapters queued up in my blog to go out in three-day intervals.  You can expect to see chapter … Continue reading Chapter 1 Perspective